Experience a Winter Wonderland with our Spectacular Sydney Ice Skating Rinks

Sydneysiders and the people of New South Wales in general are known as some of the world’s biggest beachgoers, and it’s fair to say we have some of the best beaches in Australia, if not the world!
But we also love the experience of carving up the ice in a spectacularly constructed ice skating rink.
Winter Magic Ice Skating is Australia’s leading manufacturer of ice skating rinks to buy or hire – our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals are the top of their field in producing amazing designs that are fun, sturdy and able to deliver on entertainment.
With over 26 years of experience in the construction of dazzling ice skating rinks, we’ve become accustomed to making customer satisfaction is our top priority. It’s through this that we offer a range of solutions, including ice making machines, skates and staff to help maintain all related operations.

Our guarantee

When you choose Winter Magic Ice Skating to construct your rink or toboggan run, you can be assured you are receiving the highest quality service. With a teach of dedicated experts by your side, we’ll get to work to determine the suitability of your space and devise a plan-of-attack to get you on the ice in under a week.
Our rinks are highly durable and efficient during any weather: we have been known to produce rinks and toboggan runs in the height of the Australian summer. We do this with the ease and efficiency that has made us Sydney’s leading team of ice skating rink manufacturers.

Contact us to have your winter wonderland ice skating rink installed!

So are you a first time skater wanting to experience the joys of ice skating? Or are you an experienced skater wanting to get back on the ice?
Do you need a rink for a special event, business event, or to add an attraction to the wonderful city of Sydney or across New South Wales?
Please do not hesitate to contact us today to have your ice skating rink installed in no time.
We build ice rinks and toboggan runs across Australia and Indonesia.