How an ice rink is made


1.  Insulation laid out to prevent heat transfer from underneath.

2.  Pipes laid out.

3.  Connection to chiller and cooling tower.

4.  Glycol mixture added to pipes.

5.  Barriers put around ice rink.

6.  Chiller turned on to cool down glycol to -3c

7.  Layers of water sprayed on.

8.  Ice skaters start skating


  • Chiller
  • Barriers
  • Ice skates
  • Ice skate sharpener
  • Scraper
  • Toboggan slide
  • Toboggans


our guaranteeWe guarantee our ice rinks are suitable for conditions in Australia because they are developed in response to the hot temperatures in summer up to 42 degrees celsius.

After 26 years experience, we pride ourselves on being able to produce an ice skating surface in all kinds of structures no matter what the challenges, provided the basic requirements are met for sufficient power, a level site and protection from sun, wind and rain.

We only employ expert electricians and refrigeration technicians to carry out the work.  If you are considering putting in an ice skating rink and/or a toboggan slide, our technicians will come to your site to check its suitability at no cost to you.  You will receive a fully itemised quote to either hire or buy.

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