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An ice rink is a “dream” for adults and children.

We are the best in manufacturing ice rinks and toboggan runs in Australia.  We build ice skating rinks and tobogganing slides for hire or sale.

“when you need a new attraction for your city, a special event or to attract customers to your existing business…”

ice rinks can be set up anywhere there is a flat surface, sufficient power supply and protection from the elements. It can be assembled quickly with people skating on it in less than 1 week.

We supply all ice making equipment, enough ice skates for the size of the rink and staff to manage the ice for you.

For extra fun for your customers, we also install a toboggan run adjacent to the ice rink.


We have been building ice rinks for the past 26 yrs in Australia and New Zealand since building our first ice rink in South Australia for our children and their friends and have developed our own freezing system to cope with the extreme temperature conditions found in Australia. Our ice rinks have provided perfect ice in extremely hot places like Whyalla SA, Dubbo NSW and Cairns in Queensland.

The Winter Magic team has constructed full size ice rinks used for ice hockey games and figure skating to tiny rinks suitable for toddlers to learn to skate on and snow tobogganing slides for people to experience the thrill of hurtling down a snow covered hillside.

Our rinks have been used at shopping centres, festivals, sports pavilions, malls and in a school.  We are usually found in regional Australia where the novelty of an ice rink quickly draws in the young people.  Ice skating also provides a great holiday activity for places which may not have much entertainment.

An ice skating rink can provide the community with a unique, fun and healthy recreation or sport, which encourages social interaction. Ice skating can also be a powerful draw-card to an event such as a regional show, school holiday activities in a shopping centre, town festival, or any other occasion where it is important to attract large visitor numbers from the surrounding region.
dome-ice-rinkWinter Magic Ice Skating was in Christchurch, New Zealand for the Christchurch Art Festival in August 2009, where a circular ice rink was constructed inside a huge dome which was held up by a constant flow of compressed air.  The walls of the dome were lit up at night with images of New Zealand projected 360 degrees around the dome and over the heads of the ice skaters.  The site presented challenges to fit a circular shape inside the dome walls and to keep the ice frozen with the increased air pressure and warmth shining from the sun on the dome walls.  Everyone was very happy with the ice skating experience and with the focus the ice dome gave to the festival.

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our guaranteeWe guarantee our ice rinks are suitable for conditions in Australia because they are developed in response to the hot temperatures in summer of up to 42 degrees celsius.

After 26 years experience, we pride ourselves on being able to produce an ice skating surface in all kinds of structures no matter what the challenges, provided the basic requirements are met for sufficient power, a level site and protection from sun, wind and rain.

We only employ expert electricians and refrigeration technicians to carry out the work.  If you are considering putting in an ice skating rink and/or a toboggan slide, our technicians will come to your site to check its suitability at no cost to you.  You will receive a fully itemised quote to either hire or buy.

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