Enjoy a Winter Wonderland with our Ice Skating Rink Hire

Would you like to attract people from hundreds of miles around to visit your town/center?  We can deliver a magical Winter Wonderland with ice skating and snow tobogganing to you at a price which can be covered by ticket sales of just $10 per person.  The kids will be begging to go on the toboggan slide over and over again.  The skaters will be hungry and thirsty after ice skating and will hit the food outlets.   The stores will be happy with all the extra foot traffic.  People may even stay a couple of days if they have travelled from far away so that the accommodation providers will be happy.  Winter is always prime time for ice skating, so be sure to book now for June/July.  Of course ice skating and tobogganing is still popular anytime.

Why Winter Magic ice rinks please our customers every time:

1.  The ice always stays frozen in all weather so that people will love skating on the firm smooth surface.
2.  The skates are sharpened regularly so that people have confidence skating.
3.  Personal help and tips from staff for all beginners.
4.  Strict supervision for safety.
5.  Not too many skaters per session so that everyone can skate freely.

We supply all ice making equipment, enough ice skates for the size of the rink and staff to manage the ice for you. For extra fun for your customers, we can also install a toboggan run adjacent to the ice rink. Contact us to book your ice rink in Melbourne and throughout Victoria and let us add some winter magic to your next event!


What makes this a great business opportunity?

.  Be your own boss with a pop up ice rink.
.  Brand new business opportunity with a quick return on your investment – cash return immediately.iceskating-rink-business-opportunity
.  Customers will be lining up at the door for this unique fun entertainment.
.  Low overheads when you hire it out to festivals, special events, shopping centres.
.  Double your income when you install ice skating and snow tobogganing.
.  Makes a great family business too.
.  Portable, easy to set up in 3 days.
.  Easy to run and low maintenance.
.  We will help you all the way to get your new ice skating rink up and running.
.  Dont miss the opportunity to be the first in your city, contact us today.




Our unique freezing system is an Australian design developed for Australian conditions. Ask us about further details on our ice rink construction.




Interested in an ice rink for your next event but have some questions? Read through our FAQ to familiarise yourself with our process.




Our friendly Winter Magic team are happy to answer any of your questions regarding our temporary or permanent ice rinks. We would love to hear from you.


Our Guaranteeour guarantee

We guarantee our ice rinks are suitable for conditions in Australia because they are developed in response to the hot temperatures in summer up to 42 degrees Celsius.

After 26 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being able to produce an ice skating surface in all kinds of structures no matter what the challenges, provided the basic requirements are met for sufficient power, a level site and protection from sun, wind and rain.

We only employ expert electricians and refrigeration technicians to carry out the work. If you are considering putting in an ice skating rink and/or a toboggan slide, our technicians will come to your site to check its suitability at no cost to you. You will receive a fully itemised quote to either hire or buy.


Contact us for your ice skating rink rental

We love bringing the magic of a winter ice skating rink to Australians. It fills us with great joy to see the smiles of people young and old as they cut and dazzle on the ice.

We also provide rink hire in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and now across Indonesia.

Contact us for any projects you may be thinking of for this year!